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Conflict Consulting

Need some advice about how to deal with a conflict?

Conflict Analysis

Need an expert's perspective? Megan's insightful and in-depth systemic analysis of a conflicted situation also includes a written report, if required.

Group Meeting Facilitation

Need to host a community / organizational meeting or forum? Let Megan make sure it all goes smoothly and efficiently.


Need a mediator? Megan has a wealth of diverse experience in the mediation field.

Workshops & Presentations

Interactive workshops and dynamic presentations are available on a broad range of topics including... conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, cross-cultural conflict and communication, conflict on family farms, reconciliation, social change, and restorative justice.

Strategic Planning

And/or crisis management for non-profit organizations.

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A little bit about Megan

Dr. Megan McKenzie is a well-trained conflict analyst, facilitator, and solution-finder. She brings insight gained from years of transforming diverse conflicts into opportunities for new beginnings.  As an educator, she provides engaging and informative learning opportunities.

Megan has worked and volunteered in the areas of conflict resolution, democracy-building, and reconciliation on five continents over the past 15 years. She has worked as a conflict consultant for non-profit organizations, community groups, and the Government of Canada.  She has taught conflict resolution at the University of Winnipeg/Menno Simons College and Red River College. Megan has a PhD from Trinity College, Dublin and mediation training from Mediation Services, Winnipeg.

Megan served as an election observer in DR Congo in 2006. She has provided international accompaniment to community and human right workers in the Middle East and Colombia and worked at a reconciliation centre in Ireland. She has volunteered at a multicultural peace camp for inner-city youth in Winnipeg. She has also provided leadership for local social service organizations.

Megan is currently the President of the Rural Roots Food Cooperative in Boissevain, Manitoba. In 2014, Megan returned to her farm roots and released a book, with Farm Consultant Elaine Froese, entitled Farming’s In-law Factor: How to have more harmony and less conflict on family farms.


Farming’s In-Law Factor

This new release is co-authored by Dr. Megan McKenzie and Elaine Froese.

You’ll gain insights into how family systems work . The culture of agriculture section is a great primer for urban folks or new farm brides from the city who have not grown up waving to strangers they pass on the road!

The book is packed with helpful hints on what the daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and son-in-law needs . There are toolboxes that you can use immediately to find out what’s working and what is not working for your farm business partners, who also happen to be family.

Certified coach Elaine Froese has spent over a decade coaching farm families and her common sense practical approach will empower you to create better conflict resolution on your farm. Co-author , Dr. Megan Mckenzie shares her tools for building bridges and exploring constructive conflict behaviours.

The book is peppered with cartoons and stories to make it a fun read as well as informative. The bibliography and index will be helpful to agriculture colleges or your own research for hitting the section you need most.

When things don’t work out you can find guidance in the book’s chapter that deals with what might be “necessary endings.”

Ultimately, Farming’s In-Law Factor is a resource for agricultural families that is unique and very needed!

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